We are a hometown business that loves what we do and the customers we serve.

Since 2008 Re:Source has grown each year in the production of quality landscape mulch. We truly enjoy what we do in making and selling landscape products. We are happy to assist you in your other landscaping needs as well with our selection of compost, soils, and decorative stones.

Re:Source specializes in bark mulch and compost. We offer four different bark mulches: Black Velvet, Brown Velvet, Double Organic Velvet, and Triple Organic Velvet. We have improved the process and the quality each year as we continue to grow and supply your landscaping needs. We have partnered with sawmills to use their waste and turn it into a fine-textured mulch.
Once you see it, you will know why we call it Velvet!

Our Compost is made on-site from collected leaves, grass, and manure. We blend them together in windrows using our compost turner. When weather conditions allow, we are able to turn the raw materials into compost in only four weeks!

These products capture the essence of what it means to participate in Re:Source Recycling, taking existing material and transforming it into something that you can use more efficiently.

One other thing (among the many!) that makes Re:Source unique is our love of large animals.  Upon writing this, we have 6 bison, 8 Scottish Highlanders, 2 elk, and a few Holstein cows.  We like the character their presence adds to the place, and we also sell some frozen meat.  We hope to grow our numbers to have a sustainable quantity for our customers in the next few years.  Stop out to see our facility, take pictures of the animals, and take home some mulch or compost for your gardening needs.

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