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Mulch retains moisture, regulates temperature, suppresses weeds and provides organic matter your soil needs.

In short, mulch is your garden’s best friend. Do not let the different types of mulches scare you away from using them or from choosing the correct type to meet your needs. As a hometown company, we are happy to take the time to assist you in choosing the mulch that you need for growing prize tomatoes, beautiful roses, or providing the nutrients for juicy apples in the fall.

Landscape and Watering

Mulch is also a fantastic landscaping tool to create paths along or around your property and outdoor living. Most mulches act as a slow watering system to the plants, grass, and flowers it is used in and around. It soaks up the moisture and then releases it to plants as needed.


Take some of the pain out of growing things by avoiding weeds that creep up. Mulch makes your yard look neat, cared for and keeps most weeds out.


A good ground cover mulch will help to keep the soil a more constant temperature rather than reacting to the fluctuating temperature that rolls through Northwest Ohio in waves from Spring to Fall.

No matter how big your landscaping project is, we can provide the materials. We can deliver mulch in bulk, by the truckload.