We stock high quality materials to help your landscaping project last for years!

Landscape Fabric

Spreading the mulch is the easy, fun part.  No one thinks about the hard part of prep-ing the beds to remove weeds and improve the edge.  To set yourself up for years to come, install the best landscape fabric to prevent weeds from popping up.  Dewitt Pro 5 is the 20-year fabric we have chosen to keep your weeds at bay, so the “easy part” comes quicker for you each time.

We carry three sizes:
– 3′ x 100′
– 4′ x 250′
– 6′ x 250′


We supply permaloc’s Clean Line aluminum edging.  It comes in 16′ sections with 5 stakes to keep it in place.  Great for curves and straight sections, we recommend it for the finishing touch when installing decorative stone or mulch.

We carry two colors:
– Silver
– Black

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