Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers are one of the best outdoor coolers on the market!

These extremely durable coolers are built with thick insulation for 5 days of maximum ice retention. Bison Coolers have dense plastic walls that will last you season after season.

We have reduced our prices on the hard coolers! Be sure to ask how much you can save!

2Bison Coolers - Re:Source, Lima Ohio5 Quart Bison Cooler

The 25 Quart Bison Cooler is a great tailgating, hunting and weekend-by-the-lake cooler. This chest is perfect for short trips.

50 Quart Bison Cooler

Great for small game hunting or weekend camping. It takes up little space on the boat for your next trip.

75 Quart Bison Cooler

Spacious enough for your wild game or marine catch, yet small enough for one person to carry.

100 Quart Bison Cooler

Great for going “off-the-grid” camping or for heavy duty commercial use. This the cooler you want for big game or week-long hunting excursions.

150 Quart Bison Cooler

This ice chest is our biggest one and can meet any of your needs: long camping, week-long hunting trips, large marine cooler, or heavy duty commercial use.


We have both the 12-Can and the 24-Can SoftPaks in multiple colors.  For a soft bag with a sleek look, you can keep your drinks and food cold on-the-go!



Speaking of on-the-go, we can maintain the temperature of your favorite beverages, whether cold or hot, for up to 12 hours (if your drink lasts that long) !  Stop out and check out the selection of colors and sizes.