Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers are universally known as the best outdoor coolers on the market!

These extremely durable coolers are built with thick insulation for 5 day maximum ice retention. Bison Coolers have dense plastic walls that will last you season after season.

2Bison Coolers - Re:Source, Lima Ohio5 Quart Bison Cooler

The 25 Quart Bison Cooler is a great tailgating, hunting and weekend by the lake cooler. This chest is perfect for short trips, keeps your drinks cold and your food fresh.

50 Quart Ice Chest Cooler

Great for small game hunting or weekend camping. The 50 qt cooler takes little space on the boat which makes it great for your next boating trip. If you need more storage check out the 75 Quart Cooler.

75 Quart Bison Cooler

75 Quarts is spacious enough for your wild game, marine catch or hunting cooler, yet small enough for one person to carry. Great for camping and guaranteed to keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold. Perfect size for a multi-use ice chest.

100 Quart Bison Cooler

This 100 quart ice chest is great if you are going “off-the-grid” camping or for heavy duty commercial use. This the cooler you want for big game or week-long hunting excursions.

150 Quart Ice Chest Cooler

This 150 quart ice chest cooler is our biggest one and can meet any of your long camping or week long hunting trips or as a large marine cooler or heavy duty commercial use.


In addition to carrying these durable coolers, we also have a variety of Bison accessories available.


Bison Coolers - Re:Source, Lima OhioOne of our favorites is the Bison Hauler. There’s nothing worse than filling up your cooler with tasty, cold food and drinks, and then having to pick it up and carry it into the woods or around the park or campsite. The Hauler that can easily transport up to 600 lbs with durability and dependability.

Bottle Opener

You do not want to be caught with a cooler full of beer and no way to open them! This cool Brute Outdoors bottle opener has a lanyard hole to make it easy to attach to your cooler so you are never without!

Seat Cushion

When you are out on the boat and need to have a seat, what better place than the durable Bison Cooler already with you? Made for durability and easy installation, this is a great addition to your marine cooler!

We offer many other accessories that will spruce up your cooler and give an already fantastic product a few added extras.